Courses & Activities FAQ

How many courses can I enrol in?

You can enrol for up to 8 courses. When enrolments first open each year, to ensure that everyone has a chance to enrol in something, there is a limit of 2 courses per member for a few days. Then you may enrol for as many as you like.

How will I know if I have been accepted to the course?

If you enrol on-line, you will know immediately that you enrol and will receive a confirming email.

What happens if the course that I want to enrol in is full?

You will be placed on a waitlist and notified by email when a place becomes available.

Why are some courses fully booked?

We publish all courses that are offered irrespective of whether they are full or not. You may choose to be on a Waitlist and may be offered a place if a vacancy occurs. Allocation is on a strictly “first come first served” basis.

Am I still on the Waitlist for a class?

Login to  UMAS and select My Enrolments.

When does my course start?

Login to  UMAS and select My Enrolments. You might like to print the information for future reference.

Where is my course being held?

Search for your course in UMAS and click on the Course Name to see the details.

If I only wish to enrol for one course and I am wait listed can I withdraw and get a refund if it becomes obvious that I will not get into the course?

We offer over 180 courses and we hope that you will find something that interests you.
However, should you be unable to enrol in a class, your membership fee will be refunded.

Why are there restrictions on some Art, Language and Exercise courses?

Our Art, Language and Exercise courses are very popular and to ensure everyone has a chance at a class some initial restrictions apply.

If I need to withdraw from all courses can I get a refund?

Generally no if the classes have already started.

How can I register my absence, if I cannot attend a class?

We recommend that you register your absence for a class by using My Absences in UMAS or contact the Office.

Can I apply for additional courses during the year?

Yes. You can apply for any classes that have vacancies, or be waitlisted for others. In addition, new classes will be offered during the year so keep an eye on our Website, Newsletter, What’s On eNews and Facebook Page.

How can I be removed from a class?

Email with the details or call into the U3AM Office.

When will I get my Membership Badge?

Existing members should retain their badges. Badges for new members are distributed during the first two weeks of February. If you have lost your badge, please request a new one from the U3AM office.

What can I do if I cannot see the check boxes next to the Course code when I login?

You browser may be out of date. Please download a current version and follow the prompts to set it up. Once it is loaded, logout and then login again the check boxes will be there. Alternatively you can use another PC (friend, neighbour, library etc.) who has a later version.

What are the office hours of U3A Mornington?

Office hours are Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) 10:00am to 2:00pm, with reduced hours over school holidays The Phone number is 5975 9773