Remote Learning

Journey To Tranquility:  Buddha’s Teachings

This course will provide you with strategies for nurturing your mind, drawn from the Buddha’s teachings. It has 5 aspects:

  • Relaxation, to ease the body
  • Kindness, to open the heart
  • Meditation, to rest the mind
  • Mindfulness, to exercise the mind, and
  • Contemplation, to explore our fascinating universe.

Your tutor

Pip Ransome has enjoyed practising and sharing these methods for 30 years. They will bring you to an ease-full place where the ups and downs of life flow more smoothly – it feels good!

The course is practise-based and will provide for both beginners and experienced meditators who may be ready to explore towards the farthest reaches of the inner journey where you ‘see things as they really are’, as the Buddha describes it.

Full course notes will be provided. You are most welcome to join us!


When & where

Tuesday 5 October – 23 November  11.30 am – 1.30 pm 

Conducted via Zoom


To join this course, you will need to become a member of U3A Mornington (fee of $20 applies from 1 September 2021) and then enrol via our membership system


Before you book

It is strongly recommended that participants attend all or most of the sessions.

You cannot join once the course has commenced.