2024 U3A Mornington AGM

Please come to our  2024 AGM, which will be held on 18 April 2024 at the Currawong Community Centre.  The meeting will commence at 2:00pm

This is a significant event where we come together as a community to reflect on the past year, discuss important matters, and shape the future direction of our organization. 


This will be a procedural AGM, allowing opportunities for attendees: to listen to President and Treasurer reports; to ask for clarifications before voting on motions and to elect a new committee.

Our recorder group and choir will provide entertainment and there will an opportunity to chat afterwards.

All fully paid Members and Honorary Life Members are eligible to vote on motions and elections and to stand for election to the Committee of Management.

If you are able to attend, please enrol on UMAS, as this will let us know numbers. This link will take you to the course code for enrolment.

If you can’t attend the meeting, completing a Proxy voting form will ensure your voice is heard. Proxy forms must be received and registered before the meeting commences. If possible, please submit by 5:00pm on the day prior to the meeting.

Committee Elections

This is your chance to get involved.  All Committee positions are declared vacant at the AGM and we are calling for nominations to these positions.   If you want to contribute to the continuing success of U3A Mornington, please consider volunteering for a position on the Committee of Management. You can download a Nomination form..

While nominations can be accepted at the AGM, if possible please submit your Nomination Form by 5:00pm on the day prior to the meeting.

Further Information

Reports to be presented at the meeting are contained in the 2024 U3AM AGM Booklet, which is available at this link.

The audited Association Report for year ended 31 December 2023 is also available on the website.

The 2023 AGM Minutes are available at this link.

If you have any queries relating to the reports, please submit in writing at least 48 hours prior to the meeting to


What is the purpose of the AGM 2024?

Our Rules of Association require us to convene an Annual General Meeting within the first 5 months of each year.  It has a limited and specific agenda:

  • Motions being put forward for acceptance at the AGM are:
    • Confirmation of the Minutes from AGM 2023
    • Confirmation of President’s report, covering significant committee and volunteer activities during 2023
    • Confirmation of Treasurer’s report for Year Ending Dec 2023
    • Confirmation of Audited Financial reports for Year Ending Dec 2023
    • Recommendations for an Auditor in 2024
    • Recommendation for the annual membership subscription for the year commencing 1st January 2025
  • Elect a new Committee of Management
  • Any General Business previously submitted

Who can attend?

Any member can attend, but only fully-paid members and honorary life members can vote.

How do I attend?

To attend the AGM, you should enrol on UMAS.   

What is the quorum for this AGM?

Our Rules require the presence of a quorum of at least 5% of the membership who are entitled to vote (i.e. 52 fully paid members and honorary life members), for the AGM to start as scheduled.

If the number of eligible members who attend is less than 52 at 2pm, we give notice that the AGM will be re-scheduled to start at 2.30pm on the same day.

How do I vote on the Motions for the AGM?

All eligible members attending will be asked to vote on each Motion. All valid Proxy Votes that have been submitted prior to the meeting will be counted in the vote.

What are Proxy Votes?

Members can vote by appointing a Proxy, either the Chairperson, or another eligible Member who will attend the meeting, who will vote as they instruct.

  • To direct your proxy vote to the Chairperson, download the Proxy Voting form from our website, or collect from the office, fill it in, and return as instructed at the bottom of the form.  We request that, for practical purposes, these forms be received a day before the AGM, if possible, but they may also be handed in any time up to the commencement of the AGM.
  • To direct your proxy vote to an eligible Member who will attend the meeting, download the Proxy Voting form from our website, or collect from the office, fill it in, and hand it to the member. 
  • The Chairperson or Member will need to present the proxy form at the door, so that it can be validated and recorded.

Can I raise any issues before voting?

Any query relating to the content of the reports may be submitted in writing by 5 pm 2 days before the meeting, so that a response may be prepared by the current committee, if appropriate.

Before each motion is put to the assembly, attending members will be given the opportunity to ask for clarification relating to that motion.

Are there any Special Resolutions this year?


New Committee of Management

It is time to consider volunteering for our Committee of Management!  The members of this committee are at the heart of how we organise the running of our U3A.  New volunteers are always being sought and welcomed to replace those who have already contributed but who may not be renominating this year – making room for you!  It can be a very rewarding experience with new friendships as you work together and broaden your experiences with other committee members, as well as tutors, volunteers and other members.

Forms for nominating to this committee are on our website as well as available from the office. 

  • Nominations for the 2024/25 Committee of Management should be emailed or delivered to the office at least a day before the meeting, if possible. However, nominations will not officially close until the committee elections commence.
  • If there are any contested positions, those affected will be offered the chance to speak at the AGM, before a secret ballot is conducted.
  • The successful nominees, and their roles (if known), will be announced at the AGM.

Committee positions include: Executive positions of President; Vice-President; Secretary; Treasurer and Course Coordinator. Plus, up to 9 Ordinary Members. Ordinary Members, who are elected without any specific role, often take on roles such as: Systems Administrator, Publication, Marketing, Intergenerational, Webmaster, Maintenance.

Committee nomination forms are available from our website and office now.

Can I raise general matters that I am interested in?

Any other business for which formal notice has been given in accordance with our Rules will be dealt with at the AGM.

Inquiries outside the scope of the reports are best handled by talking to any of the new committee members who will raise your concerns, ideas etc, with the Committee; or you can ask to attend one of the regular monthly committee meetings to raise the matter directly.

What to do now

If you wish to attend, reserve the date and enrol in UMAS and we will see you on the day.

The Committee nomination and Proxy forms are available from our website and office now.

The 2023/24 Committee of Management thank you very much for your understanding and help. We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it to the meeting