Classes during the COVID-19 pandemic

From Friday 18 June 2021, in accordance with Victorian Government & Shire COVID restrictions, the following restrictions apply to our classes:  

  • Indoor classes with 10 people are permitted. Masks mandatory.
  • All other indoor face-to-face classes, including classes in private homes, are currently SUSPENDED.
  • Outdoor classes of 20 may continue. Masks not required.

You tutor will advise if your class is operating on continuing face-to-face, operating on Zoom or is taking a break until after the school holidays.


For assistance, please phone 0467 781 108 or email


If you were a Buddy for Enrolment and can pass information on to your Bud, that would be most appreciated.

Refund of 2020 Course fees  and Membership fees closed on 30 November 2020.


For more information on COVID-19 please see the Official Government sites: