Zoom for Tutors

Zoom Courses for U3AM

We encourage tutors to offer U3AM classes using Zoom during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

A Zoom meeting is easy to set up and host, and we offer support from our U3AM mentors to help you every step of the way.

If you would like to try it, please contact the course coordinator for assistance, email: classes@u3amornington.org.au.

Getting started with Zoom

Short video tutorials

Notes from U3A Network Victoria:

Comprehensive Zoom information

These two guides have been compiled for U3A Mornington and provides explanation and guidance on all Zoom features and functions including most recent  Zoom updates.

Zoom for Participants Update January 24th 2022

Zoom – Facilitating a Meeting Update January 24th 2022

This guide has been compiled for U3A Mornington and provides explanation and guidance for tutors on recording Zoom classes and sharing those recordings with your class.

Recording and Sharing Zoom Classes Update June 11 2021

Zoom licences

Once you are ready to Zoom, start with the Basic (free) version of Zoom with a 40 minute time limit.

When you are ready to spread your wings and try a longer class, please contact the Course Coordinator classes@u3amornington.org.au for access to the U3AM  Zoom Pro licences.

How to lead a U3A Zoom meeting using claim host_update 21-6-2020

We ask that you keep a record of your class attendances. For instructions on how to print a class attendance list, please click here

Once you are confident with Zoom, we encourage you to either extend your existing course to other members or offer a new course. Please contact the course coordinator classes@u3amornington.org.au for more information.